The one where it all started…

  I have always felt that I had so much to say, much more to express. I had been keeping blogs ever since I started using the internet but never shared them with the public, there always has been something that is mine and mine only and whenever someone finds them I DELETE THEM that very moment so I start the new one and so on…

I am not a great writer but I’d like to think that I am good. I do want to improve my skills and that’s why at this moment I officially will start blogging here about whatever comes to my mind and what I would share. If anyone is reading or whatever I wouldn’t mind any pointers that would help me, any type of constructive criticism is very welcomed. I’d appreciate them being sent to me by email, which I will put at the end of this post or description box till I figure things out since I am new to WordPress.

I think I should have introduced myself at the start well, My name is Noor I am 22, about to turn 23! You may say that I am lost right now since I am in a very sensitive part of my life where I just left my university and starting all over, well because I wasn’t meant to be an engineer 😂! I am into art, crafts, journaling, and music is my safe haven if I had to describe it .. And Technically I am married to my books. As you’ll come to know later on -probably- I hope that no one finds out how boring my life is till its too late😂.
Well, that’s all for now…

My Email:

14 thoughts on “The one where it all started…

      1. insecure I guess but I was like wtf did I do to you XD last time I spoke to that “bleep bleep” bf of yours was 3 years ago


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