Fear – discovery!

I think we all have different things that scares us on different levels. Some are afraid of the dark while some gets terrified by clowns and so on. however, recently for some reason this has been something that won’t leave my head, I keep thinking about it all the time and it consuming me.

Everyone who knows me probably knows about my fear of needles but that more of a genetic type of condition I guess since it highly common in my family, anyhow the reason I started thinking about this I discovered that I fear drowning. Well I came to this conclusion because while I was taking my shower I noticed how I take bigger breaths and how I am so careful about berating, so I started remembering how I get anxious and nervous when I take a bath.  
Now I believe that it’s the reason I can’t actually swim although I tried to learn few months back, I couldn’t because the idea of drowning to death and imagining myself dying this way freaked me so much. Thinking about this took me back to a when I was young, me and my family we went to Salalah to this place where it had sort of waterfall, where I remember my mother wanted to put me on a rock that was in the middle of the water I cried that I didn’t want to and when she asked, she told me that I saw I was afraid the place would fill up with water and I’d drown. Another incident was when we went on a boat ride in the Nile and guess what did because I thought that the boat was going to break and we’d drown into the sea? I CRIED YES! Don’t judge me I was a bit of a drama queen then.
It’s weird discovering me fears when I am already 22 years old, right when I started believing that I am fearless, nevertheless I do enjoy learning new things about myself.

2 thoughts on “Fear – discovery!

  1. I’m claustrophobic, I feel like I can’t breath when I’m in closed small places and sometimes get dizzy and almost faint which happened to me few times. For example there’re ATMs in a closed room like in MQ if you know it, I have to fully open the door and keep it open as I use the ATM.


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