Dear -Past- Me,,

Dear past me, 
Hi, I know that you’re unhappy, broken and lost but you will be better, life will be better. I promise that you find what you lost and you will mend those broken pieces, you will be strong, trust me, I saw that transformation and it was beautiful. 

To be totally honest, it won’t be all rainbows and sunshine, there will be rain, thunder and hurricanes but you’re strong enough to handle most of it, you will have a whole team of support system, friends that will love you and be there for you, they’ll feel like family more than you real family, some will fail you though and will teach you some pretty tough lessons in betrayal, manipulation and lies, you will feel used and disrespected but I promise you will move on. 

Stay true and love yourself, because love is you won’t be able to receive love if you’re busy hating yourself. Always remember, you’re stronger than they think!

With love,



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