Dear -Future- me.. 

Dear future me, I can see you reading this and smiling, thinking of my younger self, the naive version of you, the determinant one and the one who is so content with its self. You have nothing but love for me. You seen me through it all, you saw me cry out of heart breaks and betrayals, you stood by me when I lost is all, when i was so disgusted with myself you held my hair while I emptied the life out of my system, when I felt lost you stayed with me to help me figure our the way back. You saw the pain and you helped me hide the scars.

You saw my journey, my lows and my highs. You’ve seen me become stronger and more wiser, I saw my change. I can feel you smiling remembering the lessons you’ve learned along the journey we’ve been through. I see in your eyes the flashbacks of what got me to write this today, and trust me I know that victory grin that is on you right now, you should be proud. 

I hope you reached your goal, to be genuinely happy. Please tell me you have read all the Harry Potter books and that your small library grew? 

So I hope that you’re doing well and got over your insecurities? did you start the thing we always planned you’ll do? If not what are you waiting for?

Future self, don’t let me be anything but a lesson, a reminder of how you reached rock bottom yet you found your way up, use me as the motivation to be a better version of us both. 

Please be happy.

I love you ❤️ 


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