Things I believed as a child

I think we all have these strange beliefs as kids that we either came up with yourself or are lies that we were told either from other kids or ADULTS to make us behave or whatever. So without further ado here we go:

  • If I was laying down and someone walked over me and didn’t walk back, I won’t grow any taller.
  • If I managed to pop a mole (beauty mark) anywhere in my body, I’d turn into a monkey.
  • If I lied about fasting or cheated during the holy month of Ramadan, I’d get a nasty mole in the middle of my forehead on the first day of Eid.
  • You can’t watch cartoons at night because all the characters are asleep.
  • Sitting too close to the Tv, I’d go BLIND.
  • Carrots would make me far-sighted.
  • If I didn’t sleep and started to make a fuss, the two headed cow would come to me.
  • Swallowing the seeds of fruits, a tree would grow in my belly.
  • Swallowing gum would stay in my belly for 7 seven years.
  • If you left a shoe upside down, it’s like you’re being rude to God.
  • They used to have a little birdy that told them all my secrets, little did I know that it didn’t exist.
  • When we went out at night, THE MOON FOLLOWED ME.
  • I used to believe that any song with my name on it, was sang to me here are the top 2:
  • Don’t put perfume on your hair because your hair would turn WHITE.
  • Don’t pluck a gray hair, because if you did your whole hair would turn GRAY.
  • When teeth fell, I should bury it otherwise my new teeth won’t grow perfectly.
  • I used to believe that every continent was on a different planet.

And the biggest lie of them all, AFTER HIGHSCHOOL LIFE, GETS EASIER!! Sorry to break it up to you IT DOES NOT!!!!!!!!!

Please tell me the lies you were told as a child or beliefs that used to believe either in the comments below or mention them to me on Twitter.