My love for Friends is no secret, I simply love it and my twitter followers probably know that I live for friends. I love this show so much I’ve probably seen it 100 times, I watch the whole series from season 1 till 10 once a year and throughout the year I actually spend it watching small clips of the series on YouTube.

Nevertheless, I am not going to talk about the reasons why I love Friends but I wanted to say how and why I relate to them on a personal level. So without a further ado, here I go.



I don’t really relate to the fact that Rachel was 100% dependent on her parents, but I do relate to the fact that she left everything behind her to start fresh to a life that she likes, she cut off all recourses from her father and rebuilt herself. I love the fact that she is loving and filled with passion.



So I won’t say that I am obsessed with cleaning, but I like things as I left them, I seriously hate it when anyone moves my stuff. Also, I am a loud person and I think I share Monica’s tendency to boss people around me, especially my brothers.



Phoebe is probably the most relatable cast of them all, I mean her weird fashion sense and her weirdness which I feel is me totally her brutal honesty that sometimes is mistaken as jokes, I have been struggling that for a while. I want to say her pure heart but mine is anything but pure Lol…



I relate to Joey’s pursue to fulfill his dream of being an actor and how although he didn’t hit his breaking role, he still was trying and never doubting himself as an actor. Also, I relate to the fact that he is slow to understand things and finally I too do not like to share food as we know JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!



I use sarcasm and humor when I feel uncomfortable as a self-defense mechanism the same as him. Also, Chandler makes sure that he is there for his friends in any way possible, as he supported Joey’s career from day one till he was able to make it. Another way I relate to Chandler is the fact that he left his office job that wasn’t satisfying him and made him feel bored to start a new career in advertising which more of his field and more into his comfort zone which showed courage.



Ross is passionate about his career and about his family, He somehow represents me because he is clumsy and socially awkward and how hard he tried to hide that which is something I do. Ross is childish sometimes and I don’t need to explain how childish I am also his anger issues TOTALLY ME!! However, although I am not a parent but to me, Ross is my parenting goal, his love for his children and the effort he makes for this is simply amazing and I wish I as a parent would be like that.


Disclaimer: I originally started thinking about this after I had a conversation with Zainab about friends and how we relate to them in real life.